Moss Does Jackson for Your Viewing Pleasure

With TV cameras banned from the court, Sky News is recreating each day’s events using court transcripts and carefully selected actors.

Granted, Edward Moss is no virgin to playing Michael Jackson (excuse the pun), but it does seem a little odd that Sky is doing this. Judge Judy is one thing, but this is an entirely new form of evil. Does this mean we’re going to see a new epidemic of court TV shows springing up to watch all those famous cases in history? How exciting is that? I sure am glad I have a day-job.

Darren at brings us this selection: Link

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  1. Jacko deserves no sorrow, being a parent and hearing all those accounts from so many kids, he should be put in a room with all those parents to feel the pain. Sad to say if it were a non-celebrity he would have been locked away a long time ago. These are odd years we live in, these past couple of months have proven filled with child kidnappings and molestation/killings, a message has to be sent out to stop this from happening again.

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