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Old Navy Daily Apparel

Today was the second day (in a row) in which I drove to work to workout and realized afterwards that I had forgotten to bring a shirt to change into. You might imagine this to be quite embarrassing, though I did remeber to bring an undershirt. So I wear my undershirt to Old Navy, once they open, and buy a shirt to wear throughout the day. And now I own two new shirts from Old Navy. Ridiculous! It was probably a year ago that I came to work only to realize I brought my wife’s jeans to change into. That was a bit more embarrassing. I wore them very low and strutted over to Old Navy to buy a pair of jeans for the day. They must think I buy clothes by the day. I don’t wash them, I burn them.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud. It could be the booze though.

    I’m interested to hear how days two and three of the Kibble Experiment have gone.

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