Kibble – Day 1

Isi and I started today with kibbles this morning at 8:30am, following a good workout to start the work-week out. The most obvious challenge at the moment is how to meter the food properly. 5-6 cups of dry dog food is quite a lot now that I’m ingesting it. It also requires considerable water. I had planned on drinking more water with the expectation of needing it, but I didn’t realize how easy the dog food was going to make it. As for metering the food, I wanted to graze on it throughout the day. The problem with that right now is that I don’t know how much grazing I need to do reach my goal. I see this week as a week of regulating. We should have our eating plan down to a science by next week. And maybe by then I will stop peeing so often!

By the way, if you come into this conversation late and aren’t sure what Project Kibble is, fear not. I’ve left crumbs for you to follow. Click on the kibbles category tag in the summary of this document.


  1. One of the nurse anesthesist’s I talked to today commented that the Kibble Diet would require quite a lot of water in order to get it down. That could pose a problem for people in crisis, either due to disaster or due to being in some third-world place without potable water. Perhaps the human kind could be semi-moist, sort of like the chewey kibble. Or perhaps it could be coupled with water purifier tablets.
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