Stairway to Heaven

The family made a trip this afternoon up to Amicalola Falls near Ellijay for some much needed together time and natural communion. Balthazar loved the walk, which is probably 1/4 mile – maybe 1/2 at most to the falls’ base. However, a big part of that hike is 125 steps on a winding staircase up the creek’s edge. Once to the top, Balthazar was most excited about the water. It was his first time seeing anything like this, and I think he really enjoyed it. He then noticed the continued staircase upwards to the top of the falls – a mere 475 steps further. So the boy and I did it – and with no rest, I might add. I stopped for a few seconds on a platform to rub his legs a bit for fear of cramping. We enjoyed the view from the top and started to make our way down. On notice of this new direction and considerable fatigue in his legs already, Balthazar demanded that he be carried. So down we went, daddy with Balthazar on my shoulders, 600 steps. Amy met us partially on our way down the 475-step stint. Incidentally, she picked a winner of day to make this trip. Only yesterday she was unable to keep any food down due to voracious vommiting. Since she didn’t feel like she was going to *die* today, she thought she would be fine to take on a healthy hike. When we finally reached the end of the steps and were on a steady downhill trail, the fatigue really kicked in. Balthazar did cramp up as feared and could not be set down. He didn’t want to straighten his leg at all. I got him to walk a few steps, but he wasn’t interested in walking it off. Both Amy and I had shaking legs the rest of the way down. It was only through super-natural abilities that we were able to ignore the feeling of paralysis setting in within our legs and continue the trek down. It’s amazing that just 10 years ago I would have been running up and down those steps without any complications. Now it’s a vigorous work-out. One that I think we’ll be repeating more often too.

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