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Trading Spouses: The Eclectic Edition

Is anyone watching this show?!? Tonight’s episode of Trading Spouses on the FOX Network must have been the best comedy drama on TV in a long time! I didn’t even see the whole thing, I just came in for the finale. The gist was that they put a fanatical Cathoholic woman into the home of New Age hippies – Universalists perhaps – and watched the fun! The woman totally freaked out in ways I could not have imagined. I started to think it might have just been an act. She tore up her $50,000 check and dispersement instructions to rid herself of the demons. Idiot. I noticed in the epilogue that she reconsidered later. I think they should have kept their money. Mrs. Perrin got her chance and threw it away. The drama part was when her children were subjected to her over-done act of hostility towards the D’Amico-Flisher family. From what I understand, the Perrin family seemed to like Mrs. D’Amico-Flisher, so they were reasonably jolted when mom came home and screamed fire and brimstone at everybody. Worth a watch if FOX is still showing the clip from the outburst.

*UPDATE* The Wikipedia has some referencial data on Marguerite “Psychosis” Perrin. Looks like her fame has brought some unwanted attention. Way to go FOX.

And also Perrin’s appearance on Access Hollywood.

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  1. Did you see when Ms. Perrin didn’t even hug her husband?

    She was completely rude to the hippie family, too. The whole thing was so uncomfortable and awkward… I couldn’t stop watching!

    I agree with you. The money should have been forfeited!

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