Broken Promises

Promise Technology, Inc. has proven to have some of the worst technical support in the world. It’s widely accepted that Promise’s ATA RAID controllers are among the best, but what good is a great controller if there’s no one to back it up in case of failure? My onboard RAID controller died so I purchased a new one with similar features. I was lucky in that I got the new card installed using the old hard drives and maintained my array. Unfortunately, however, the RAID management software in Windows XP doesn’t want to save my configuration. As a result, I have to recreate the array (non-destructive) every time I reboot the system. I’ve requested support from Promise on multiple occassions now with no reply. I also contacted other emails for the Amercian team with no answers. I’ve now been forced to seek out alternative solutions for this problem. I’m checking with HighPoint at the moment to see how their support is. So far, they win out hands down due to the fact that they answered an email from me sent to their support email within a couple of hours. Assuming I’m comfortable with their continued support and feature set, I will likely be buying an external SATA RAID enclosure from them, the X4. So if anyone is researching Promise Technology for use in their home or office, buyer beware!

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