It's like family, only weirder…

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I was driving back to work from lunch today when I had a near-miss with an invincible jogger in the road. I’m guessing he was invincible because he didn’t even quaver at the approach of my car’s awesome kinetic energy. It’s an American luxury sedan, so it has considerable mass.…Continue Reading

T-Shirts for Sale

Although no one has actually made this shirt yet, I think it would be hugely popular in the gaming community. **UPDATE: The shirt is out:

Amy got very excited today when Balthazar replied, thoughtfully, to a situation at dinner in sign-language. He’s not deaf, nor is anybody in his family. He just doesn’t talk, so Amy thought we should teach him to communicate some way. Sign-Language is apparently something very young children can pick up,…Continue Reading

Freebies Destroy the Environment

I’m all for freebies, but this is just stupid! I bought some toothpaste recently that came with a trial size of dental floss. The container you see pictured had but one, tiny wafer within it (also pictured). It even rattled around as if to flaunt its inefficient use of space.…Continue Reading


Though I didn’t intend it, I’ve had a blogger’s block lately. I can’t find anything in my world in the last couple of days worth writing about. I can say I’m a bit under the weather, so maybe that gives me a sense of optical rectumitis on everything else. I’m…Continue Reading

Alternatives (Technical)

I’ve only recently tried out the RealPlayer and QuickTime alternatives out there. Due to my hosting arrangement, I’m only able to stream Real A/V streams. The server side stuff is actually really nice, so I’m not complaining about that. I realize, however, that there are a lot of people out…Continue Reading

Car Shopping…Again

I do this periodically just in case my car should fail miserably one day, which it should any day. I currently have a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville with 196k miles on it. That’s pretty good for an American car, even if it is a luxury sedan. I’m really excited by the…Continue Reading

Enlightened Ingestion

I started on an additional venture yesterday. It’s a food critic idea I had – I eat out all the time. It’s not much of a stretch for me to simply write about my experience at a place. I’m obviously just getting into it, so I hope to grow with…Continue Reading