Though I didn’t intend it, I’ve had a blogger’s block lately. I can’t find anything in my world in the last couple of days worth writing about. I can say I’m a bit under the weather, so maybe that gives me a sense of optical rectumitis on everything else. I’m also beginning to think seriously on what to do with my wife’s website – it’s a mess. I built it when IE 6.0 was just getting into the market. IE was the absolute dominator in browsers at the time, and the 6.0 version seemed to be evidence of the juggernaut’s power. Now, it’s been like two or three years and IE 6.0 is still basically the same…only older…and slightly gimped. Well, back in the day, I built her site specifically for IE. I used VBScript, fancy IE-only CSS crap, and DHTML for IE’s version of the DOM. Now, with Firefox running as the default browser on my home and work PC, the site really needs some attention. I’ve learned so much about CSS in the last few years that I’m going to try and rework the site using elegant CSS. I may throw in some CSS2 when necessary, but I’ll try and stick to the basics. I’m really just aiming to have a site that works *pretty well* in both IE and Firefox. Hopefully the platform differences won’t cause too much grief for the rendering – especially of fonts.

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