Population Limiters in Effect

I read Darren’s comments on an article regarding the cancer-causing agents in red meat. Not that anyone has said there are carcinogens in steak, but there seems to be some sort of accusatory game going on. I’m neither a vegetarian nor a carnivore, but rather what humans were meant to be; omnivores. Darren is too,… Continue reading Population Limiters in Effect

Channel9 Resources

W2K Services :: Wiki’d? I really need to find a resource to learn about Windows 2003’s services.  Is it too much to ask to get something beyond the definitions inferred from the description of a given service?  There is some great information out there related to the services, but I need more!  This time, I’m… Continue reading Channel9 Resources

Zero-G Flights now Departing from Local Airports

Zero-G is the first company to offer a 0-gravity experience to non-astronauts. I don’t know that that is such a good idea, but I’m all for it personally. The company is on a tour where they’ll offer these flights for about $3,000.00 in airports such as L.A., New York, and Atlanta. The package cost gets… Continue reading Zero-G Flights now Departing from Local Airports

Magnetic Poetry – Anthology Online

Sometime ago, I submitted a magnetic poem online. A magnetic poem is basically any poem which you have created entirely using Magnetic Poetry. There are plenty of sets to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any issue finding the right words. Magnetic Poetry – Anthology Online: “Thick slick smile seeps slowly from the sea some… Continue reading Magnetic Poetry – Anthology Online