It's like family, only weirder…

A Surreal Morning

Monday morning I began my day like many others. It was the first day of school for many, and it was the beginning of the work week for me. I also managed to get out the door in record time (related) that morning; the sun was just creeping up above…Continue Reading

The Sleepless vs. the Sleepy

I had an interesting dream last night (in retrospect) in which I awoke to find that my wife was not sleeping next to me. I got up to take my shower and such, and found her getting ready to go to work – very early. This would be unusual for…Continue Reading

Lazy Saturdays

Today I’m completely exhausted. The whole family slept until nearly 10:00am, which is unheard of for at least Balthazar and I. We all had a bit of a rough night due to Balthazar’s sleepless behavior. I think it’s related to the Augmentin he’s taking for the ear ache, but it…Continue Reading