Lava Orange (Georgia Clay)

I finally got my new car after seemingly insurmountable odds against me. We’ve had a string of bad luck lately, but I hope that this and other recent events signify the end of all that. You may recall the details around the purchase of Amy’s car, the Honda Element. I swore I’d never go through… Continue reading Lava Orange (Georgia Clay)

Curtains for Bonny

Bonny, my `94 Pontiac Bonneville, finally kicked the bucket yesterday on my drive home. I’ve written about her recently – about an accident for which I still have not secured any funds for due to a State Patrol officer’s form-filling failure (damn you!). She was unable to deliver me home on this last trip; she… Continue reading Curtains for Bonny

Nature Abhors a Vacum

The mind is a vacum. In the beginning, it draws information unending. As the vacum is naturalized, the consumption is slowed until it finally stops. At that point, some informational back-pressure occurs and something goes missing. If you attempt to add to the mind at this stage, you only force something else out. This is… Continue reading Nature Abhors a Vacum