Sleepwalker Severs Girlfriend’s Spine

I couldn’t find a related news item on the web anywhere, but my wife tells me she was watching a thing on T.V. about a guy who has been released from charges of murder. His excuse is that he’s a horrible sleepwalker and apparently does things like move furniture around in the night. The court… Continue reading Sleepwalker Severs Girlfriend’s Spine

What are your Convictions?

Spirituality and religion are distinctly separate tracts within mankind’s existence. Spirituality is what is. It is what you sense and what you feel. It’s also what you feel through others. Empathy, if you will. The acknowledgment of an infrastructure, to put it in technological terms, if we are the applications. What this infrastructure is actually… Continue reading What are your Convictions?

Free Heroin

Vancouver is one the three sites in Canada to try a government-supported drug program. This program, unlike others, is aimed to push drugs rather than to eliminate them. Their plan is to offer medically administered drugs to people that will show up three times a week for the dose. In doing so, addicts will not… Continue reading Free Heroin