Inexorable Cycling Ramp-Up

I missed the GA 400 Century, but I’d love to have done it. I’m pretty far from the endurance needed to complete a 100 mile stint, but I’m very interested in getting there! In the meantime, I’ve started riding to work again about once a week. That gives me a little over 20 miles I can put in a week. Maybe not enough training to get me anywhere fast, but I may be able to extend commute up to the total of 80 miles I normally travel (round trip).

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  1. Ha! I do 20+ miles several times a week. Now that it is getting cooler, I hope to do some exploring on my bike. There are lots of little country roads around here and I have no idea where they go. I promise to take my cell phone. My only complaint is that I cannot ride my Raleigh Mt. Bike. My wrists and hands just won’t take it any longer. So, I have to ride my sit up straight bike. It is not as fast and responsive, but I can ride longer and my hands don’t suffer. Ah, aging. Anyway. I think I could do a century ride by the end of this year. And remember, I’m your mother, and a LOT older than you are.

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