Surf and Turf, Bicycle Style

We visited members of my family at the beach last weekend and I took my bike down with me for the first time in my life. I’ve been visiting my grandmother’s condo since I was 4 and I’ve only just realized that I could take a bike with me. Riding on a walk/bike trail between the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound is an exquisite experience. I wasn’t able to take the time on this most recent trip, but I hope to ride all the way down the beach to Ft. Pickens. It’s at the end of the island and a national reserve for a good 7 miles of the way.

Having returned from this trip, I was finally able to sync up with a guy I met in an area park – our kids played together and we got to talking. We rode a trip I put together from the 1996 Summer Olympic rowing venue into the Gainesville downtown square. It’s not very long – just under 6 miles one direction – but it’s a beautiful ride across the lake, through old residential neighborhoods, Brenau College, and finally the revitalized downtown square. Making the return trip was a little easier for hills, though that may have just been our imagination! If you’re in the Hall county area and want to make a Sunday morning ride with us, drop me a line.

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