The Singularity is Nigh

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Singularity University aims to assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies and apply, focus and guide these tools to address humanity’s grand challenges.

Singularity University is the latest buzz in technology news this week.  I liken what I’ve seen to something akin to a T.E.D. conference.  In fact, I envision some interaction between those two organizations in the very near future.  I’d like to go to either; so if you’re out there raising money for my well-being and, indeed, the planet’s, keep me in mind.  I promise to do what I can to help us all!

As far as my take on this whole concept, it’s a mixed bag.  On one hand, the Singularity is a real concept that deserves the attention of academics just as the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics do.  Generally speaking, a Singularity is an event in time that is derived from a series of exponential changes, resulting in an epoch that is incalculable by either philosophical or mathematical means.  In the case of the Singularity University, it is further specified as the Technology Singularity.  If one applies the concept of a Singularity to technology, then it is that point in time in which our technological breakthrough surpasses Moore’s Law and becomes infinitely more profound than our current intellectual capacity can account for.  It’s the stuff Sci-Fi is made of, really.  Artificial Intelligence, robotic sentience, light speed travel, human teleportation, etc.  Good stuff, though a bit heady and potentially naive.

On the other hand, I don’t how important it is to speculate on how to handle a potential future. In a way, it’s a little paranoia mixed with doomsday recipe.  Perhaps the futurists aren’t focusing on the downsides and rather looking at what possibilities exist in the future for innovation.  I believe that to be limitless.  I guess there’s no harm in dreaming, but Singularity University is bound to cost some mega-bucks.  That equates to a tangible reality in the now regardless of what Utopian future you can speculate on.

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