Sorscha the Serious

Power ShotWe’re starting to see a more wakeful baby now. She’s staying awake during longer periods of the day – only to nurse relentlessly upon her mother. She has gained a good amount of weight and shows all signs of being a very healthy girl. Of some uniqueness, she’s quite grunty. We get the impression that she’s largely displeased with being awake. However, she’s still not very fussy. As we’re seeing more of her eyes now, I think they’re going to be green/hazel like ours.


  1. I love the grunts! She’s not displeased- she is grunting in appreciation of the fine milk she’s been fed. What a fine baby girl you guys have, you’re very, very lucky!

  2. Sleeping most of the time…communicating mainly by grunting….obsessed with breasts – of course she’s not fussy, SHE’s LIVING THE LIFE OF WHICH SOME OF US CAN ONLY DREAM!!!!

    Sorry about the brief rant. Just felt it needed saying.


  3. You were a very grunty baby. It’s genetic. She is attempting to talk but her neuro system isn’t finished yet so all she can do is squeak and grunt. Get ready. You did the same and talked incessantly even before you could speak English.

  4. Oh yes. The grunting, how well I remember the grunting. She’s pleased, contented and telling you so! Violet grunted so much we actually called her Grunty the WonderTroll

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