Offspring, Part Deaux

In nine days, we’ll be a family of four, having welcomed a new baby girl into the Gradin household on the 24th of this month…at 6:00am. That’s how we role. My wife likes to plan for the unplannable. However, she has made certain assurances for this life-event, and I have little doubt that this date and time are correct.

We’re all looking very much forward to meeting her. You might find yourself wondering what her name is going to be, but you will keep on doing so. So far, absolutely zero people in the known universe (besides Amy and I) are aware of her name. There’s a chance that an advanced race of telepaths may have already discovered our secret. It’s a game we played with Balthazar’s name as well. The reason is largely because we’re not interested in hearing anyone’s doubts, concerns, suggestions, or comments otherwise on our name choice(s). It’s hardest with family, which always has a certain lasting psychological and emotional consequence on the mind. While the name is very important, it is of little matter what that specific name is, really. Once a child’s name is set, it’s generally hard to imagine that child by any other name. That said, the name is nothing more than a parental choice – a right. It’s perhaps the first of many experiments that will imbue your legacy, because what are children if not the parents’ result from hypothesis and experiment.

No doubt many of you wait with bated breath. Still others dread the possibilities. Maybe in the end it will be no big surprise at all.


  1. Right on. I’ve heard that is hard to tell someone your chosen name for your spawn that you have carefully selected and then they come at you with all kinds of suggestions…. that is why I keep giving Amy my personal favorites- unsolicited of course- because that is how I roll. Today I like Diamond Naomi Heidi Dupont Corrolla Amanda Gradin. I just can’t wait to meet her!

  2. I just call her Sug as in Sugar Gum. This is a pprivate joke between Ole and me. I think Amy might be privy to it, but if not, I’ll let her in on the joke when I come to meet little Sug. I don’t care what her name is as long as I can spell it and pronounce it. And I’m a pretty good speller and pronouncer!
    The Linguist

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