Threadless: “Seaside”

My Submission ‘Sup, land lubbers? This is a shout-out to my homeys from way-back. Notorious black beards, REPRESENT!

Anyway, I finished another Threadless submission – this one entitled “Seaside.” It went through several critiques and evolved to what you see here now. The original was classy. The finished version is less anatomical design, and more “killer t-shirt design.” The idea I’m conveying here is that pirates were the original gangsta’s. Bling, booty, and thugs; the seafaring cast had it all. If you want the oppressive land crab to hearken your love for the uneasy sea life, buck up and wear this old flag proud. Seaside forever!Threadless Critique \"Pirates were the First Gangsta\'s\"

Oh yeah, and you’re going to have to vote high to make this shirt a winner over at There will probably be 1200 votes when the week’s over, so make sure you and your friends make up a big part of those in $5!

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