The Lumberjacks were Here

This morning a guy with a fluorescent-green shirt came to the door a little after 8:00am. “It’s a little too early to be sporting that color,” I thought. Apparently, after 7 or 8 years now, it was time for the local officials to take notice of a small stand of Mimosa trees I had reared from seeds. Two of them them were growing underneath the power lines, and seen as a serious enough risk that they would be cut down immediately. It’s very unfortunate because the trees are beautiful and provide some cover from the neighborhood traffic during the summer. I’m thankful, I guess, that they didn’t have to cut the biggest down. But I’m still sad to see them go. My wife was able to salvage a portion of the second tree; they merely cut the offending limbs off.

Bah! Wireless power will be all the rage in the future…


  1. Some stranger dressed in a fluorescent green shirt comes saying he “needs to cut down some trees” and you believed him?! Are you sure he wasn’t just a mischievous leprechan bent on mayhem? Didn’t you question him? Ask for his credentials? Protest this judgement? Hadn’t had your coffee yet, right? I quake to think I am moving to Texas, abandoning you when you so clearly need me.

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