Magic: The Gathering

It was in my junior year at high school (1993-1994) that I began playing the soon-to-be wildly popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Over the next couple of years, I played the game…a lot. You win some you lose some. I didn’t have the money to be the best player, but I had friends who took pity on me and got me some good second-hand cards.

Fast-forward to 2007; I have a shoe box full of Magic cards that haven’t been touched since the mid to late 90’s. Balthazar is four years old now and I felt it was probably a good time to start teaching him the subtleties of strategic card games. He can’t read, but he likes scary monsters and heroes. He’s a little torn as to which he likes better…monsters and heroes are typically diametrically opposed.

Balthazar beat me in Magic Wednesday, three days after we played our first game. He didn’t cheat, and I didn’t let him win. He just beat the pants off of me, fair and square! He wanted to play again Friday night and I told him I was going to annihilate him. No holds barred – daddy was going to skool the child. I did win, I’ll have you know, but only by the narrowest of victories. One more turn and he might have had me again.

Really though, I’m thrilled that he likes the games so much and is already acing it. I think next time we play, our hands are going to be hidden from each other. Maybe that will teach him some humiliation! Ha, he can’t even read yet!


  1. As I recall, I beat the pants off you boys when I played it one night in the 90’s. Although I could read, I certainly didn’t have a clue as to what the game was all about when I began. But, I beat the snot out of all you anyway!
    B gets it honestly

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