Jehane Noujaim’s Pangea Day

Jehane Noujaim, perhaps best known for her documentary (Control Room) exposing Al Jazeera for its divergence of news coverage during the Iraq war, is now to be recognized as TED’s 2006 prize winner and creator of Pangea Day. Being awarded the TED Prize provides a wishthis wish was to provide the world a day of union through the power of film and story. Pangea Day will bring together, on a global scale, a social event of story telling like no other. On May 10th, 2008, short films interspersed with live music and speakers will be screened simultaneously across the globe. It stands to be a very powerful event of epic proportions.

Check out the site for Pangea Day. Learn how you can be a part of the event. Find out where you can go to see it unfold.

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