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Lorelle on WordPress challenges the blogosphere weekly with new ways to keep us bloggers on task. While I’m running behind on the weekly challenges, I thought this one was something I could speak on. “Blog Your Passion” is the theme for the week of August 7th (I know it’s October, shut up).

I originally got into blogging because it was a spreading phenomenon that involved technologies I knew and loved. As secondary incentives; I have always enjoyed writing, it’s a great creative outlet for web development and design, and blogging may very well give my descendants a familial history that will not otherwise be recorded in any books. A personal Wikipedia, if you will.

So here I am, more than three years later, assessing my blogging passions.

Of particular importance is my interest in a legacy. I am passionate about telling my story. Above all else, I trust that my musings will pass along a message that I cannot reach into my own ancestry for. That message will be a referential perspective to those in need of familial comfort. If we are to know the answer to life, the universe, and everything, we are to know our history.

It won’t be elegant nor abundantly enlightening, but the importance of having these recorded scraps of memory will one day prove to be some of the most cherished objects of a future generation. My own son will grow up in a revolutionary time when his every move is captured in startling fidelity – he will undoubtedly take for granted the provisions I aim to establish. But in his times of personal discovery, he will be able to look back on his own thoughts in perfect clarity; as well as those of his father. Perhaps he will see it. Perhaps it will be his children, or his children’s children…the estate of the future is a collection of intellectual capital, and there can be no greater treasure than knowledge.


  1. Which is why you should not censor your mother’s comments.
    Don’t hide your light under a bushel.

  2. 42! I know the answer!

    Well done on accepting the challenge. There is no greater gift than to leave a legacy. Well said. Thank you.

    Also, my challenges are timeless, just like your blog, so don’t worry about when you accept a challenge, just keep challenging yourself. It sets a good example for others.

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