Hangin’ at the Airport

Looks like I get to spend some time at the airport today to contemplate life. I made some planning mistakes getting here this morning, and arriving 15 minutes before my flight cost me 6 hours of wait time for another one. The terminal is locked just prior to the flight, so I couldn’t get in having arrived so close to departure time.

It’s my first time missing a flight. The attendant at the desk was probably expecting a volatile explosion from an irate customer, but those of you that know me know better. Pissed doesn’t begin to describe my feelings, though I am still able to rationalize my thoughts and keep cool. I contemplated taking a ride back to San Francisco to walk around while I waited, but managing luggage and time are not on my list of “good times” today. Barring sleeping on the terminal floor, I have the computer and reading materials with me to occupy my time.

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  1. That’s why they have all those small signs up everywhere advising travelers to arrive 2 hrs before departure time. The advisory is also printed in minimicro print on your ticket or e-ticket along with the warning that if you cancel, you can’t get your money back. That’s why I always travel with a good book or two to read–but not too good because that’s how I missed my flight to Fla that concerned everyone so much. I also always take my violin so I can annoy everyone as much as I am annoyed by the wait. It’s great therapy. Take a drum next time or your fiddle. The screeing of a fiddle played softly will make everyone either leave you alone, pummel you into oblivion (where you won’t be aware of the passsage of time) or compliment you on your mastery of such a difficult instrument.
    She Who Knows Best

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