Panera Wins the Sitter’s Choice

Panera Bread Co. in Gainesville, GA (I presume it’s the same everywhere) won my choice in a place to sit early this morning before the county tag office opens. I first went to Starbucks from habit, though I quickly remembered that Starbucks would not due to sit a while. If you’re there for people-watching, Starbucks is a fine choice. However, their WiFi is at a premium (> $0). I enjoy the bold coffee at Starbucks, but I’ll sacrifice for midrange coffee for the free WiFi. Technically, I could have picked up Starbucks coffee and taken elsewhere, but I find that in poor taste. So here I am at Panera’s – enjoying a thoroughly delicious bagel and cream cheese. The coffee is sub-par, but not gas station grade. There are old-timers that can be amusing to talk with. Other coffee houses reading this, learn from your mistakes. Figure out how to make free WiFi work and it will work to your benefit.

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