On the Polls: Occult Practices in Gainesville

Wanda KuehnThe face of reason and sober judgment for Gainesville and Hall County is that of Wanda Kuehn. Hers is the path of light; to keep Hell’s demons at bay. Dabblers in Satanic worship can be known by their fortunetelling, long hair, and rock and roll music.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. … I know that (fortunetelling) doesn’t do anything but steal people’s decision making and give them false answers.” – Wanda Kuehn of Gainesville

Kuehn seems to think that the people of Hall County are unable to make sound decisions for themselves and should instead look to her wisdom on their decisions.

In Kuehn’s defense, and to support my wife’s argument that she’s entitled to her defense, she’s only doing what she has the greatest conviction to do. You can’t blame someone for defending their beliefs, even if you don’t believe in them yourself.

The Gainesville Times has the full story available on their website.


  1. There is a HUGE difference between defending your beliefs and repressing the beliefs of others. Don’t try to force others into your warped mindset.

  2. So you’re description of satan worshippers is long hair, rock n roll, and fortune telling. You do realize, minus the fortune telling, you just described probably half our modern teen culture. My suggestion to you is that you start reading your history. There is n physical description you can give on occult members, mostly because they are all individuals. Fortune telling is not giving people false hop when they are the ones going to us for it. Secondly, it is in our practice, to remind people that they can change their fate. Not every fortune, is literal word for word. You have no idea what you’re talking about. In my religion, I do not sacrifice. If anything I suggest that you maintain human sacrifice illegal. Protect the people from harm due to cruel practices, and if that’s too hard for you to understand, protect their life. Do not persecute witches i’d really rather not have to deal with another civil war. You have hate in your heart, and if you are truly christian, you would know just as I do, being raised baptist, that god says have respect. He wuld not harm an human he hath made. And lastly, get off your high horse because I guarantee, here in the south, ain’t no one gonna want you to think for us. We do that ourselves. As most humans do.

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