Podcasts Return (to Me)

Lately I’ve had a lot of things on my mind which warranted good posting material. However, I’ve either been too lazy, busy, or undecided to actually post about them. Each situation probably demands a separate reason. One thing I’m doing now is listening to podcasts again. The Zune has enabled me to get back into this activity. It has me thinking about how Amy and I might be able to podcast, but I’ve yet to come up with something we could consistently speak on that would both be entertaining and represent our cohesive bond in marriage. You might dare say we could podcast on issues that we are absolutely not together on as a couple, but I find that the better podcasts out there demonstrate strength in the relationship of the presenters rather than the differences. It’s seemingly this match of personalities (not similar, just complimentary) that makes the challenge of host/co-host development a challenge. I’m quite sure it’s not an attribute every relationship has, nor has to have, to be successful. But in the entertainment world it’s a requirement in my opinion. So synergy is something I would want my podcast to demonstrate – do you have to be born with the trait, or can it be trained in?

Here’s a list of podcasts I’m listening to these days for your assessment. Some are bad, some are good – I am slow to give up entirely on a podcast.

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