Schlotzsky’s Has Internet, Disney Doesn’t Like Safari

It’s so much fun to be able to sit at the free computers in Schlotzsky’s Deli, surf the Internet, eat some food – all with the boy. He’s good with engaging himself with games on the Internet while I sit with him and peruse things. I’m an awful parent for this I’m sure, but it means we both are peaceable and I feel that he’s learning *something* from the experience. His favorite thing to do is jump on or Playhouse Disney to play the games they provide. At Schlotzsky’s – unlike the Gradin household – they have iMac-looking things that seem very alien to us. The mouse buttons are under the mouse for some reason, so I had to invert the mouse and click that way, all while simulating movement to the laser with my hand in an inverted X/Y axis scenario. I didn’t feel the Mac was very user friendly because of this.

More importantly, however, Disney’s Playhouse Disney site doesn’t actually support Safari browsers. I didn’t feel up to bringing Schlotzsky’s browsers to Firefox or IE (possibly from my mouse experience), so the boy had to go without Playhouse Disney. PBSKids, as I discovered, does support Safari. Or probably more likely doesn’t care what browser you’re on, just as long as it can rock-n-roll with Flash. Doesn’t Disney have a billion dollars or something? Why can’t they create a kid-friendly site with no ads, and simple system requirements? Oh well – back to my most excellent Texas Schlotzsky!

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