Hide from the Color Blind

Isi sends me updates from the science department regarding cloaking. Apparently, it is relatively simple to obscure objects from specific wavelengths – like a copper disc surrounded by an electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, the only thing that’s particularly useful for is hiding from someone who, say, can only see in a single color. Oh, and I guess you might slide slide under an enemy radar with the technology…but seriously, who cares – where’s our Invisibility Cloak! They’ve also discovered through the wonder of complicated electrical mathematics that inside the invisibility field, one would only see their reflection. Also, things that give off electromagnetic currents (e.g. flashlight, watch, cell phone) would disrupt the field. If you could stabilize the field enough to resist the other electromagnetic devices, they would simply reflect off the interior – thereby causing them to reflect within the field just as your reflection would. So Harry Potter we’re not, but advances are being made. It won’t be long now before we’re seeing Invisibility Cloaks for sale in the back of Boys’ Life magazines.

The Mathematics of Cloaking

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