Curiosity Killed the Cat

We were quite suddenly frightened tonight when we arrived home from dinner to find our sleeping son’s finger had turned mostly black. While he drifted into sleep in his car seat, he had been playing with a Beanie Baby elephant. While doing that, he had apparently worked his finger into the label loop and begun twisting it around his finger over and over. We were completely unaware of this accident happening in the back seat and by the time we got home, his finger wasn’t looking healthy at all. Amy noticed and I rushed to the scene to untangle his finger or cut the loop. My Boy Scout days help me here, because I was able to untangle his finger rather quickly. It didn’t take but a second for the color to return to normal, if not a little red from the duress. Amy reminded me of what might have happened had this sort of thing occured over a longer trip. Of course, I was wondering what in the world made him do that. I know what made him do it. I did far worse things in my youth. Our capability for curiosity, even in adulthood, generally out-weighs our intelligence.

The Beanie Baby is now loopless, as will any future acquisitions become with our new wisdom.

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  1. Again, why are you surprised? Any boy with half a brain will do things of which you can’t even conceive. Common wisdom dictates that if you can imagine a thing, it can and will happen. Boys are just accidents waiting to happen. Fortunately, God in its great wisdom protects drunks, idiots, and children.
    PS glad you survived.

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