Stilt-Walking at Atlanta’s BrouHaha

99x and Scion put on Atlanta’s BrouHaha this year. A festival of ghouls, musical entertainment, and miscellaneous performers of all types. Toyota’s Scion division sponsored the show this year and added the “Car-nival” exhibit including yours truly on stilts and a a whole host of customizes Scions from around the nation. Prizes were given for the best interiors, exteriors, best in show, people’s choice and others. I think best in show was a Floridian that put together a really nice Thundercats motiff on a white Scion. Attending the Car-nival with me were Atlanta’s greatest burlesque troup, Dames a’ Flame, a magician, and a really great foursome fire group. I don’t remember their name, so I’m hoping they seek me out and get in touch. The show was really nice including several types of entertainment. There were live graffitti artists working on large plywood pallets, XBOX 360° competitions, carni events, and some really good musical acts. I was especially impressed with D.J. Clever. He lives up to his name and spins some really awesome rhythms and melody. Despite the excellent job put on by 99x and Scion, there were far too few people that braved the outdoors tonight. I don’t know if it was the cold, the wind, or the fact that it rained solid *yesterday*. Maybe people thought tonight would be a repeat. It wasn’t incredibly cold unless you were a burlesque performer wearing very little. I had a sweater underneath my clown costume – I actually sweated quite a bit. So as of 9:00pm when I left, the show still ahd not seen its expected crowd. Such a loss. Hopefully they’ll work it out by next year and invite us back out again to do it again.

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  1. Dames A’ Flame puts on a great show at Trader Vic’s with Tongo Hiti one Saturday a month – lots of Tiki goodness. I actually went to the BrouHaHa about 10 years back or so when the Cramps and Reverend Horton Heat played. Glad to see it back.

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