Whoa! Big Weekend Approaching

I’m physically preparing myself for a substantial weekend to ring in the first of October. I did some heavy drumming Sunday as you may know. Well, now I have a damaged joint from that and a a crushed pinky from some stupid folding chairs. I wasn’t thinking about my weekend, which includes several drumming performances with our illustrious dancers. So now I’m working to heal my hands faster than they may otherwise choose. Any advice will be helpful there. I’m using epsom salts so far – hopefully that’ll do the trick. Friday we’re playing at Smokey Springs retirement home. They have been working diligently to play along with some basic rhythms, so we’re looking forward to that integration. Saturday, we play at Art on the Square – a local arts and crafts festival in downtown Gainesville. If you find yourself near Gainesville this Saturday around 3:00, we’d love for you to see us. And then Sunday we’re [supposedly] performing for Pagan Pride in Decatur. I’m a little unsure about that one because Sunday is fast approaching and we still don’t have confirmation or a specific time in which to play. October is typically a busy month for us on all fronts. These few performances this weekend are certainly a sign of things to come. Come and enjoy the sights and sounds if you can!


  1. i enjoyed looking through your photo journals, it reminded me why i admire you and your wife so. i love your youthfulness and intelligence. it makes me want to relive high school again just to get back that friendship. love the work you guys do and hope to see you all soon.

  2. Well not sure I can top pagan pride belly dancing; however, in response to your call for healing hands faster than they want – I can shamelessly offer you a free sample of Heal My Hands: Ultra. My better half and I produce make it, an all natural combination of arnica, calendula, tea tree, rosehip seed, lanolin, shea butter and raw bee’s wax will do the trick. Email me your shipping address offline and I will send you a sample.

    Found you while combing the net for references to our small business – enjoyed your the photo journals. Our own non commercial blog is healmyhands.typepad.com


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