Celebrating our Decade Together

We had a good array of friends, both old and new, join us this weekend for our 10th anniversary celebration. I thank all of you that were able to come, and all of you that attempted but were lost (sorry, Marc).

I especially enjoyed the myriad of entertainment friends could offer. Joshua Adrian performed some mesmerizing pieces, not the least of which was his famous swords balanced on his feet trick. Cynthia, one of Amy’s belly-dancing students did a number she’s been working on for a while. I found out I can drum to C&C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat ‘Till You Bleed” song on the doumbek. Despite your reluctance to accept this, I think it sounded great! Most everyone turned up in costume and Kendra and her husband, Tracey, picked up $40.00 in Outback gift certificates for first prize.

It’s been a number of years now since we last hosted a party. I really enjoy them when they’re here, but it’s stressful putting them together. I must say that it was my wife who put forth the greatest effort up front for the party planning. I tend to be her muscle in these things. But having lived through another one, I can’t understand why we don’t do it more often. Maybe next time we can throw an entertainer’s party and have all of our friends come out and do what they love to do – show off!


  1. We had the best time at your party- thank you again for including us in your celebration. I think we captured some really great photos, I’ll post them on flickr soon. You guys really have a plethora of talented and fun friends- I was pleased to see so many folks in costume! Bravo!

  2. It was fun. thanks for including us. I don’t get out much due to various restraining orders and so forth so parties are rare treats. We will have to do better with the costumes next time. I had a Hannibal Lechter mask for the small child but she wanted to do the Power Ranger bit and the wife wasn’t too keen with strapping her to the handtrucks.

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