Make Sure You Have Clean Underwear

Balthazar received his second backpack in life – this one more official than the diaper bag/backpack we taught him to carry. He perked awake this morning with the clear intention of this backpack accompanying him to daycare (a.k.a. school). All morning he held onto said pack and eagerly considered the jealousy in his friends’ eyes as they drooled over (and on) the canvas glory of Nemo and friends. Having arrived at school, it suddenly dawned on him that he might want to pack something in the bag. His first thought centered on some underwear he spotted in the recesses of the car. Lucky for Amy, she happened to have the right item for the job. He promptly put the bag in the pack and happily carried it in to present. Amy thought it particularly unique that he was packing underwear in his backpack, but having prompted the ladies up front to guess what he had, they already knew. Blast! Apparently, it is of no surprise that a child of 3-4 would want underwear in their bag.

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