Trash Trolls

At the local dumpster facility, there’s a little house adjacent the compacter where, as Amy points out, there lives a little Trash Troll. When you show up with bundles of trash, the Trash Troll creeps out of his domicile and attacks you with riddles or simply thwarts your tribute of trash. Usually, I am thwarted by some specific riddle I am unable to complete. If I had great horns like the final goat in “The Three Billy Goats Gruff,” I could eject the troll into the compacter. This past weekend however, the all powerful troll gave me pardon against his Trash Troll rules. It was a special day.


  1. He only asks me for my name, my quest and my favorite colour – unlike those other bastards who are constantly hitting me up for more shrubbery…..

    Yeah. I am a pathetic geek.

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