The boy, Balthazar, is doing well in his young years. He had his first all-nighter party this evening. We took a trip out to Isi’s (Missy’s) for their girl’s 1st birthday. It wasn’t until 9:30 that we finally arrived, but by 12:00 when we left, Balthazar was going strong. He seemed to enjoy himself. Between the dog, toys, food, and fire, he had more than enough to keep his attention. I had a good time, though I refrained from breaking out the drums against my will. Had I not been on partial boy duty, I probably would have brought them out. No biggie – we had fun just the same and I got to meet a few new people. With any luck, Balthazar will sleep late in the morning and I can catch a few more winks than the average Sunday morning.

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