Drunken Goat Cheese

In what could very well be a new *thing*, I’ve indulged in a new cheese never before known to my palate. It was Isi’s (soon to have a linkable blog) inspiration that got me to do this. That is, Isi talked about a “Tour de Cheese” to have a chance at trying lots of different cheeses. There are so many unusual cheeses at the local grocery stores; it’s a shame to think they’re just sitting there…molding. So today we tried “Drunken Goat Cheese.” It’s an extrememly sharp mozzarella-like cheese with a sweet and creamy after-taste. Actually, the after-taste was really good. We decided that it’s too rich to be eaten by itself and should be sliced onto fruit or crackers. I’m now thinking that this cheese would be outstanding on apples (mental note: buy apples). By the way, the “drunken” aspect of the cheese was a purple rind that was the result of soaking the cured cheese in wine. I couldn’t necessarily taste the wine, but that may have been what gave it a very pleasant after-taste.


  1. Yes. Goat cheese-the best ever, especially when you make it yourself. The key is the cheese factory. It is easily purchased (I even have a couple for sale at a reasonable price.) The cheese factory, AKA dairy goat, can be had for $125. I have one Lamancha and one Nubian left. They come with instructions and some cheese recipes. MMM good. Also, if you wish, you can eat the unneeded offspring. REALLY MMM good! Life is a trifle harsh on the Dancin’ Goat Farm.

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