Shaolin Wisdom and Application

A random bit of information I find useful and entertaining.

“Build rather than destroy; Avoid rather than check; Check rather than hurt; Hurt rather than maim; Maim rather than kill; For all life is precious; Nor can any be replaced” -Shaolim Monastery Credo

I squat down, thus avoiding the horn-punch, tame the other hand, and simultaneously strike his groin, using a pattern known as Squating Down to Strike a Tiger. In line with the Shaolin teaching on compassion, I will merely tap his groin instead of blasting it. -Wong Kiew Kit

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  1. There is a great saying, what was yesterday is history, tomorow is a mistery, but today is a gift, that is why it`s called the present.
    Don not linger to much on past events because you will forget to live in the present, do not try to predict the future because you can not, rather then predict you can prepare it, that why the present is a gift because you can learn from the past mystakes, and you can do something about preparing the future.

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