Dog Days are Coming

There is a plan on the horizon that marks a great experiment for two grown men to conduct over the period of, hopefully, eight weeks. It’s either a great experiement worthy of a Nobel Prize, or it will kill each of us and grant us an entry in the Darwin Awards. I am not ready to divulge the plan yet because we don’t have it fully hashed out. However, be advised that it’ll probably be gross and I know you like that sort of thing because I’ve watched TV before too.


  1. And if it kills you both, you better hope you are both dead dead D-e-d dead, because otherwise I will hurt you both badly for attempting said stupid stunt….. Cheers! -m

  2. Check out the natural dog food web sites. I found some pretty enticing items doing a search for organic and holistic dog food. There’s a lot out there. I’m sort of contemplating testing some of it on my Border Collies, at least on the ones I’m trialing. I’m not sure Rafe needs it as he is such a successful counter-surfer. You might be able to eat LESS of the holistic/organic just-add-water types. Apparently dogs can.

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