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The Heritage Family Library sent me the Young Peoples’ Atlas in the mail recently. This is one of those books that they ask for money in order to put your name in them, thereby granting you some imagined fame. It infuriates me that they’ve sent a product to my doorstep, telling me nothing about it, and expecting money should I open it. I was wise enough to leave it untouched, but my problem is procrastination. The book lay on my kitchen table for 30 days before I finally received word from Heritage Family Library that I need to pay or send it back. Only there is no real information on how to send it back. I found out that the company is actually a subsidiary of Southwestern Company, a well known yearbook/annual publisher. I’ve contacted them for the information I need to return the book – I’ll post it for the world to access once I’ve received it.

Thank you so much, everyone, for your observations and experiences with this company. They’re getting a lot of flack by the looks of these comments, and I love it! Here’s the summary for those that don’t want to read the now lengthy set of comments:

1) Write “REFUSED” on the unopened carton and stick it in your mailbox or return it to the Post Office.


2) Call one of these two numbers: 800-451-5002 or 800-829-5538, to request return materials and/or the removal of your name from their future offers.

Regardless of the method you choose (I chose a mix of number 1 and 2), you should call the company to request your name be removed from their customer list.


  1. what you can do is write REFUSED in large letters on the package and put it into the mailbox. Then the postal company will have to deal with it. (This is probably why people “go postal”).

  2. Thankyou,

    I was really annoyed about receiving this book that I could not return. Your information is helpful.

  3. I have also heard from the company in response to my query on the same. A representative told me that he would be sending me postage-paid materials for the return of the book.

  4. Well, you have my thanks, because one of these just landed on my doorstep today, too – unannounced, unbidden, and now unwelcome. 😉 Their website – http://www.heritagehouseinc.com/ is suspiciously short on information, too. Go figure. So, thank you for taking the plunge and finding out for me. 🙂

  5. I just recieved the same book yesterday, much to my surprise. Like everyone else, I found the attached envelope and the company’s website offered zero information on how to actually go about returning the book or cancelling their service.

    I called Heritage House at 1-800-451-5002, and spoke to a representative who, to my surprise, handled the cancellation in a brisk and businesslike manner, with no guff (to my surprise). She told me that a postage-paid container would be sent to my mailing address within 2-3 weeks (!) so that I could return the unwanted book.

    I was about to hang up when I realized they’d probably try to send me more books. I specifically asked that I not be sent any more books, and she replied that if I so desired, they would cancel the “service” and not send any more books. I did so desire, as it turns out. So beware: don’t just send the one book back, be sure to state you don’t want any more of them.

  6. I recieved the same book. Must be a mass mailing on this dang thing. Thanks for the info. I called the 800 number and told them I wanted to send it back, and they are sending me the postage paid tag to send it back. As Cubelodyte wrote, make sure to tell them you don’t want any future mailings. I interupted her while she was saying her goodbye phrase to tell her I did not want any future books, and she kinda laughed. She probably thought she made it thru with just sending the one book back.

  7. Always nice to know I’m not the only one (or maybe in this case I wish I were – haha). The postal service said writing “REFUSED” on the unopened package is best. The Heritage Family Library customer service (# given by Cubelodyte) did indeed send me a label and said I was cancelled from receiving any further mailings. I put the package back in the mail today. If you haven’t opened the box, follow Vivian’s advice and REFUSE. I’ll try to remember to let you all know if today’s effort doesn’t stop the madness.

  8. Just got a box from Heritage Family Library today. I hadn’t ordered anything from them so I Googled them and found this page. I also found this link:

    It mentions that Southwestern sells books door-to-door and then Heritage Family converts the customer to direct mail buyers. I bought some books for my kids last fall from a door-to-door seller. I pitched the paperwork after I got the books so I have no clue whether I “agreed” to geeting more books in the future.

  9. So I called the number above (thank you Cubelodyte) asked how they thought this was legal. They kindly “reminded” me that I purchased something from a door-to-door salesperson a year ago and signed a contract (not that I remember actually signing anything but a check) to allow Heritage Family Library to send me junk periodically and then bill me for it. I believe I bought some books for my 2-year old that he doesn’t like.

    Anyway, I never actually received the junk item they billed me for since they had my mailing address wrong (although the bill made it here just fine with the bad address) and they canceled my contract and the bill over the phone. Easy enough, and I didn’t have to mail anything back.

  10. Hi Everyone
    Just got one too and called the number you gave — same results – Yeah! However I found out how we all ended up on this mass mailing list. Last year I ordered a large (expensive) set of reference books for my kids (6 books) sort of a mini encyclopedia type of set, designed for Elem. thru High School reference. This was from one of those door-to-door college kids. Anyway, this is the same company and that’s where they got your address to mail to! Fortunately, non of us were suckered this second time around! Beware buying from door-to-door college kids!
    Thanks for the info to manage easy cancellation!

  11. I too received this Atlas because I purchased a set of books last summer for my daughter…. I don’t remember signing any contract… but the law states that its mine for free if I didn’t order it. Check out the USPS website about Unsolicited Merchandise. I don’t know if there is a loophole here because Heritage is part of this Southwestern Company or not. I have not sent the book back nor have I paid for it. But I did email the company…. waiting for response.

  12. Cubelodyte for President!! I’ve been struggling with the same problem for 3 years. I could find precious little about the company so I could cancel. I have used the phone number posted by Cubelodyte and spoke with an extremely polite and helpful person who canceled me from the program, including the current offer. I’ve learned my lesson about trying to help out struggling “college” students.

  13. I bought the expensive (over $300) set of books from college students too and my daughters loved them! I barely recall the bit that they may send some in the future. I too recently got the atlas and thought perhaps my eldest daughter could use it sometime. Alas, It seems that the most recent revision date on it is 1996 and thus some of the info is already outdated.

  14. I have now called the company 4 times to get a return label, but nothing has been done yet! We have received escalated letters stating our information will be sent to creditors. I am refusing to pay because from the day the book has arrived we have tried to get it returned. Although their customer service reps are friendly on the phone, they are not following through in what seems to be an attemt to get us to cave and buy the book.

  15. I ordered the aforementioned very expensive reference books from the door-to-door college student. I got the updates and have been accepting and paying the invoices.

    The books are quite nice and have links to ‘e-info’ in many of the articles. When I asked the rep if those links would still be acessible after discontinuing the updates, and she said she had no idea. When I asked if there was someone there that could answer my questions, she faltly stated no. I guess that spending several hundred dollars on this set gains you no loyalty or seniority!

    The product is nice, but I am tired of having to respond in 10 days or receive another. This is why I cancelled my BMG Music Service!! Forced consumption is for the birds!

  16. What I did with one of those publishing companies that just sends you stuff expecting you to pay for it is I called them up and told them that I handled their box of books like a credit card offer and through it away. They offered to send me materials to send it back but I told them that since I didn’t ask for it, I wasn’t going to take the time to make a special trip to the post office for their screw up. I never got anything back from them again.

  17. Don not buy books from door-to-door kids any more! Beware some thing called Heritage Family Library behind.

  18. Thank you for this information. I bought the set of study aid books (actually, I think they are pretty good – my kids use them all the time) summer 2005 for my children from a student rep who was earning money for her school tuition. I had no problem with her and no problem with the books. I’ve since received two further items, one I returned, one I kept.

    Obviously they work on inertia selling. Don’t blame the door-to-door kid who is working hard to pay for college and return the items you don’t want. Their customer service number and your account number are on the invoice that comes with the book.

    As we are relocating out of the country, I called the company this morning to cancel my account. It was no hassle.

  19. The frequency of the books and the prices have gotten out of hand. When I signed that contract, I assumed it would strictly be books that pertain to the series. Most of the junk cookbooks (so called gifts) I’ve gotten rid of. I’ve bought a few of the neat books, the body was cool, but this last mailing of three books to the tune of $150 is just too much.

    However, I do have to say that the initial set of books that I bought turned out to great. My daughter (5 y.o) is always pulling down the younger kid books, playing the computer games, and her favorite book is the book with all of the science projects.

    Thanks for posting the phone number and advice about interrupting the operator.

  20. For the record, Teri Johnston is right – and no, there’s no loophole. Title 39, Section 3009 of the United States Code specifically states that, if you are sent merchandise through the mail that you did not order, then it’s yours.

    It also states that the company that sends it is also supposed to make it very clear that it is a gift – if they do not, it’s in violation of the law, and they can be fined.

    I just received one a few minutes ago. I didn’t know what it was and I opened it. I’m not sending it back. I *am* writing “refused” in the box if I get any more, now that I know what to look for. But the invoice (ha!) attached to it didn’t say anything about returning it, or anything about it being a gift. It just said I have 30 days to review it, or I can send it back (um…where? and how? I didn’t order this and I’m most certainly not paying for postage to return it)

    My view is this – thanks for the crappy gift. Try and get the money from me. I didn’t order it, and it’s mine to do with as I wish.

    To the one that said they’re threatening a credit report on you – I wouldn’t worry about it. Even if they do (which I highly doubt they will) you can dispute it, and they will lose – and stuff in your credit report that is in dispute cannot affect your overall credit score – not until it’s resolved.

    Just sayin’. I don’t feel like interrupting my day to call these people and follow their stinking tactics, and listen to yet another sales pitch I didn’t want in the first place. They can deal with me on my terms. (I don’t have much patience for crap like this – sorry if you can tell!)

  21. I returned my unopened box to the post office and told them I refused delivery. I then called 1-800-451-5002 and asked to be removed from any future mailings. They were very quick to delete my account even though I did not have my account number. I gave them my zip code and address. I had ordered from a door-to-door college student last summer. You can bet that I will not be doing so again.

  22. Why would they send a “review copy” w/o giving me return info? I’m calling right now. I really don’t like the Young People’s Atlas of the United States. It has Oklahoma City and Dallas in the wrong places. Other state capitals didn’t look quite right, either. What junk! I do think the Southwestern books for preschoolers are pretty good.

    That 800 number is on the “Dear Customer” letter enclosed. 1800-451-5002. The customer services person promptly took me off all future shipments.

    I don’t mind sending it back since I don’t care for it at all. They are sending a label.

  23. I didn’t mean to imply that Dallas is a capital. I just meant that other cities were not printed in quite the right places, either.

  24. I got this so called “atlas” in the mail. As with all of you there was no information on how to send it back. We are all busy people who shouldn’t have to waste time looking up information on how to return something that we never asked for. Make sure to mention that you don’t want them giving your information to other companies, or you will keep getting things that you never asked for.

  25. Thanks to everyone… Just got off the phone with thier sevice center. I was advised to mark refused on the box and send it back. The person on the phone stated that they would not be sending any shipping material or tags.
    In an earlier conversation they stated they would be sending a shipping label.
    Has anyone received a shipping label..?
    Starting to feel like a scam…

  26. My wife bought some books from a college student last summer, and this week we received an unsolicited book. We put it back in the mailbox unopened with “Refused” written on it. I just called 1 800 451 5002 to ask to be removed from their list and received a recorded message stating I could call 10 15 15 8000 and that my phone bill would be charged $5.49. This is getting better and better!

  27. Sorry, must have dialed a wrong number. Got through on another try and spoke to a representative who asked if the package had been opened. I told her it had not, that we were returning it marked “Refused,” and asked to be removed from any further mailings. I had to ask her twice to get her to confirm that she had removed us.

  28. I received one of these last month after buying a set from a roving college student last year, my children never touch them.

    Like everyone here stated, there was no instructions about how return it. I did decide to keep the book, but wrote across the statement to cancel my account and not to send me any more books. The phone number on my statement was different from what I have seen posted here though..

  29. I just spoke to a very nice lady at the phone number posted above. She also promised she would send me a label in the mail with which to return the Atlas. I hope it works out for us.

    She said we received the book as a result of a purchase we made from a door-to-door student salesman. That is probably so. You see, a little foreign-exchange student from the local colllege came to our house, and we bought some books from him. There was certainly a language barrier between the student salesman and my husband, so if he mentioned future shipments, his warning might have gotten lost in translation.

  30. I called the 800 number mentioned (800-451-5002) and was told that when I bought some books from a door-to-door student salesman that there was a small section at the top stating that they would give your information to Heritage Family Library. Needless to say I’m “Refusing” the book and asked to be removed from their mailing list.

  31. Thank you Cubelodyte! I called the number 1-800-451-5002 to cancel the account and send back the Atlas. I got directly through to a live person and had excellent costumer service. She didn’t try to sell me on anything. She said no problem and I was off the phone within one minute.

    Finally, I can get rid of this book that I’ve had in my office for months!!!!

  32. Thank you for posting your comments. I also received the Atlas without ordering it. I returned it and had to pay the postage because I opened it. I also included a letter asking them to cancel my account and to remove me from their mailing list. Today, a month and a half later, I received another bill for the Atlas and was very upset. Fortunately I found the website with your comments and felt I am not alone in this fight. It’s good to know I am not the only victim. I guess I received the Atlas after purchasing books from a door to door salesman/student last summer. I will call the 800-451-5002 to be removed from their mailing list and will also post a ripp off report on www. ripoffreport.com.

  33. Thanks for all of this wonderful information. I too received a book package from this company and didn’t know how to get out of it until now. Best advice: beware purchasing from college door-to-door students!

  34. Thank you for this post – all of the above here as well. After reading the posts I looked for the receipt from the door-to-door foreign exchange student that sold me books back in June of 06. The receipt does mention the benefit of receiving ‘valuable and timely’ supplements from the Heritage Family Library; however, the student never mentioned that this would be part of the $75 deal. I am interested to know where you all are from – is this a local trap or a national one . . . I am in WY

  35. Received one in the mail, just opened the invoice. Called the 800# above, and they are sending out a label (2-3 weeks) for return and removed my account. Supposidly… will see.

  36. Maris: The marketing scheme is at least national if not bigger. I imagine a little green alien on one of Jupiter’s moons looking dumbly at the innocent brown box containing years of mail spam misery inside. I’m in Georgia myself, which puts us distinctly apart from each other within the U.S.

  37. Thank you so much for this information. The bill that I got didn’t even have a number to call on it! Like I don’t have enough problems….


  39. Unfortunately, Ms. Rolleston, most people have the reasonable expectation that a salesperson will explain the details of their offer before an agreement is signed. The fact that none of the salespeople, in varied times and places across the nation, apparently bothered to mention this fact smacks of subterfuge. Please take your trolling comments elsewhere.

  40. OKAY — MY situation is totally different — I received a check in the mail for 75.00!! Included was a note that stated — Here is the refund which you requested… I had completely forgot about this atlas and encyclopedia set that I purchased at least 3 years ago… So I had NO idea why I was receiving a check!!!
    Fearing FRAUD — I have yet to cash this check… I’m afraid cashing it will sign me up for a whole new set of books!!! I haven’t received any books from them in at least 2 years!!! There is NO information with the check or with the inclosed note!! No “800” number –NOTHING!!! I had to go on-line and do a little research until I stumbled across this site!!! So as of this date — You don’t get something for nothing!!!
    I’m NOT cashing this check until I do a whole lot of research!!! AND — if they are stupid enought to send me 75.00 — AND I’m smart enough to call and cancel any future books….so be it!!!

    This may be their latest scam!!!


  41. I’m sitting here with a check from Herritage Family Library for $67.90. I have no Idea why I received the check, not sure if I should cash it, it is drawn from Sun Trust Bank. Yes I probabily purchased books from them in the past, but that was probably 3 years ago. The note attached says “Attached is the refund you recently requested. We appreciate your business and hope that we may serve you in the future. Sincerely Customer Accounting.

  42. Thanks so much for the information concerning the Heritage Famil y Library. I received my package today!! I immediately called the 800 number you recommended and spoke with a representative. She was actually kind and tried in no way to convince me to keep the book.

    Thanks again!!

  43. I had gotten four books for my toddlers last summer, and when I paid for the books, I paid in check. The girl told me to sign the paper to verify that that was my order. She DID say that the order I was placing would arrive in a few weeks which is when she had me sign the paper. When she was getting ready to leave, she said the books were in the trunk of her car. I was confused, and when I asked her “Didn’t you say they were being shipped to me?” she said, “Actually, the set you ordered I have in stock.” I didn’t think anything of it. I had ordered magazines from students in the past who had made me sign papers to verify my order, and I’ve NEVER had problems, so I assumed it was the same deal. I guess that’s my fault – not expecting to be poached by an innocent-looking student.

    I recently received the Atlas, and the box was in such bad shape, it was coming apart at the seams. Even the envelope was tattered. About 1/3 of all my shipments arrive in this condition where I live! I had recently ordered some goods (as I do all the time) online for my nephew’s birthday, so I opened the box. When I opened it and saw the atlas, I opened the envelope to find out what it was and why I received it. It didn’t say much of anything, other than to send it back if I didn’t want it. Obviously I don’t want it, didn’t order it, and had no way of sending it back without a return address and box to send it in.

  44. I received a similar refund check from Heritage Family Library to the ones described by other people on this site. I too have not cashed it out of concern. Does anyone else have any information on whether this is a valide check?

  45. I received a letter stating that I had received a book and was liable for it. I never received a book! I called the number on this site (thanks!) since there is NO number on the bill and they took the charge off and also removed me from any future mailings.

    Thanks for the helpful numbers!

  46. I have recieved these books for the last 2-3 yrs-faithfully. I have sent each one back and still keep getting them-faithfully. I have called and have asked numerous time to remove my name- faithfully. These books are like a bad penny- they keep coming back!!!!!

  47. What a scam this company is, I am so mad that this company can do this. There has to be a way to shut it down.

  48. I also purchased a set of books and have received two additional books without ordering them. I paid for the first because I thought it was interesting. For the second, I looked for return info, blah, blah, blah (you know the story). Then I googled the company. The first site listed was this one, the second site was Ripoff Report at http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/174/RipOff0174833.htm Someone there suggested filing a complaint with the FTC and with the Tennessee Attorney General’s office. Here’s the link for the FTC complaint form http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/cmplanding.shtm I did contact customer service at Heritage and a nice lady said I’ll be getting a return label and I’m off their list. Do you think crossing my fingers will help?

  49. Great blog site!!! I just cancelled my acct using 800 number. I didn’t give them the benefit of sending me a sticker to return book. I’m writing “REFUSED” on box and letting the USPS collected the extra shipping charges from the shady operation. Thing is, they do provide some informative books….if you want them. I’ll go to Border’s or Amazon if I want a book.

    Thanks again.

  50. You want to hear how bad I have had it with this company? I bought a set of encyclopedias back in 1990 and they have been sending me a postcard every year saying I needed to return the postcard in 10 days or they will mail me the annual update to the encyclopedia. A couple of times I swear I returned the card and the book arrived anyway. And of course thinking that maybe, just maybe I didn’t get the card in the mail on time I went ahead and paid for the Annual. I have asked them not to send me anymore and yet every year that same card would arrive. This year, no card for sure, they just sent the darn book. You can bet I will be writing a big “REFUSED” on it. In all fairness to them, the encyclopedias were very beneficial to my kids in the pre-internet days but I have long since gotten rid of the set and my kids are in their 30’s! Enough already! It was just so nice to see this site and to allow me to vent. We all have enough stress in our lives and I know people have much more serious issues facing them every day, but having the resposibility of mailing back that stupid *&*^%$% postcard that I neither asked for nor wanted just irked me to no end!!!

  51. I thought it was “just me”getting screwed, yet again, by some scamming publishing company(Scholastic pulls this stuff too).

    I too ordered books from a young hardworking college student that landed on my doorstep one Saturday morning. I received the books I wanted and then a book I didn’t order came in the mail. Having dealt with Scholastic, I immmeditaely put “refused” on it and left it in the box for the mailperson to deal with. Well, 30 days later, Heritage House sent me a “friendly reminder” that I need to pay for the book they sent…..uh, I never even took the thing in the house…..never opened it. Now I owe $40.00
    AND they’re gonna sting my credit if I don’t pay?

  52. Thanks for the 800 #s and advice. I just called and here are their business hours:
    9 a.m. -7 p.m. EST Monday-Friday;
    9 a.m. -6 p.m. EST Saturday

    We use the initial reference books and I’m glad I purchased them. What I don’t like dealing with the frequent unsolicited ‘additions’ to my library. After ‘buying’ several I didn’t order, I TRY returning the reply card in time to stop the shipment but it is hit or miss. I’ve ‘refused’ books without problem.

  53. Thank you for making this information available.

    I have had this unopened Atlas package for 7 months and am now getting collections notices from this company–the nerve! I called the number you gave and they are sending a return label and cancelling the account.

    This is an underhanded way of doing business. Imagine giving perfect strangers your product and then demanding payment. They didn’t deserve my attention–that’s why I let the book sit there for 7 months and let them pay to mail me notice after notice. Maybe the cost will make it not worth it to continue their business practices.

  54. Got two books today. I will call and let them know I will not pay for then and I will not make any effort to send them back. If they want ’em back they can send the college kid back over to pick it up. Also I will write to the local paper to warn people not to be suckered in. Our paper is pretty good about posting letters with such warnings. I am sure I told the student I did not want any annual updates or any other options. If there was no way to opt out of the updates, I would not have bought the books in ther first place. Can’t beleive these people are still doing this two years after the first posting above.

  55. Thank goodness for this site. My husband and I just opened our “mystery” gift of an atlas and crazy looking cookbook. We were trying to figure out what to do with them when I found this website. After reading all of these post we recall buying some children’s books from a “college” student going door to door. That was almost two years ago! I can’t believe that we are even still on their list.

    We got no response when we called the 1800 number but will try to use the other number posted. Thanks so much.

  56. I too thank you for the 800#. I received the same atlas and cookbook and unfortunately my teenage daughter was waiting for an order from Hollisters and wasn’t paying attention. I called the 800# and spoke with “Jim” and he was really helpful, said he would send a return label within 2 weeks, cancel my account, and was very pleasant. We’ll see what happens.

  57. I have had one of their books setting at my house unopened for about a month now. Thanks to reading this blog and getting a contact number i now have a return label on the way. I did have a college student this past summer selling me the encyclopedia set. Which i do not regret getting. Just a note, these college kids put up with a lot going door to door so please give them the respect they deserve.

    I contacted this company and they were extremely nice and i was able to cancel any further issues coming to my house. The representative on the phone is also just another employee trying to make ends meet. But it is always nice when you can hang up the phone and do it on a good note instead of having to deal with a bunch of BS before anything is achieved. So i am like so many others on this blog. Greatful to have come across it!!!a

  58. Thanks to all of you for the information. I didn’t order the book, we misplaced it, now we have been sent to collections. We have now found the book and are sending it back. Good luck everyone!!

  59. It’s good to see I’m not the only one that has experienced issues with this company.

    I’ve had an experience with them going back to 2006: A very nice college student showed up one summer Saturday afternoon on my porch selling children’s reference books. It was 115 degrees that day and we invited him in for some tea and ended up purchasing a number of books. During the conversation, I was careful to mention that I didn’t want any more items beyond what I was purchasing from him. He laughed and suggested I write “no further orders on approval” on my check. He was a very nice young man who talked about the “training” the company had given him and he made mention of his “faith” (evangelical Christian). He struck us as very earnest and hardworking.

    A couple months later I received a book (not expecting it, I opened it the cardboard package it was shipped in). I sent it back “refused” and placed a brief note taped to the book asking them not to send any further products. Over the next 12 months I received increasingly insulting letters requesting payment (one of the more memorable asked, I quote: “Are you stupid?”). I finally found this address: 2451 Atrium Way Nashville, TN 37214 Phone: (615) 391-2899- and placed a call to the state attorney general’s office, then sent a letter to them politely mentioning my frustration and my action and asking them to confirm receipt of my request. I have not heard further from them since then and hope they have not blemished my credit.

    A quick search of company names via Google will show some heart-rendering stories from some of the students they employ. It seems the company policies on all angles of their business model are similarly extreme.

  60. We haven’t had any problems with this company other than an occasional mystery package. (In the past, we’ve just marked REFUSED on the package and returned it.) We purchased the set of student handbooks many years ago from a young salesman (as many have mentioned) and now every year, we still receive an ANNUAL to keep our handbooks current. After our most recent mystery package, I started to get a little frustrated, so I Googled the company and found this page, which helped me to contact them (thank you for the numbers). My call was immediately answered and when I explained to the woman that I only wanted the ANNUALS, she very promptly and courteously offered to change my account so that I only receive the ANNUALS.

  61. My “adventure” with HFL began with a young female college student going door-to-door on a hot summer day, selling the series. I discussed this with my wife, who also looked at the set the student was selling, and decided to get the set, and the Continuous annual book. Fast-forward several years: my son is now 13, and much of the research we do is by InterNet. I notified the company by e-mail earlier this year – 2010 – to stop further shipments. We received a note by regular mail that I was “too late” and that the Annual would still be shipped, but that otherwise further shipments would stop. Interestingly, it took more than a month (maybe two) for the Annual to get here. I am surprised that it could not be stopped sooner.
    I have tried to call the 800-451-5002 and there is a recording saying that this number is not a working number. Thank you for supplying two other numbers – I will follow up, and now ensure that we (HFL) and my family are likewise not working together.

  62. I am having the same problem with canceling my book services. I just tried to call 3 numbers, each of them are “no longer in service”… So how do I exactly go about canceling further shipments??

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