Odd Years are Bad

We celebrated Balthazar’s 3rd birthday today with friends and family. This birthday went very much like the 1st, but unlike the second. We decided that odd years are probably better handled alone. Balthazar, while not bad or angry, was certainly unsocial for his little soirée. At this rate, his 4th will be fun and he’ll be a loner on the 5th. Actually, he warmed up to the conditions towards the end, though he still required either me or Amy to slide after him. It’s fun for everyone when I slide down the spiral kiddie-slide. And there’s a huge bolt of electricity dancing wildly off me as I scrape along the thick plastic walls. Who the hell thought of that design property?!?

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  1. The small child and I had fun. Thanks for inviting us. My favorite part of the festiviites was the goat cheese. Pretty nifty snack for a three year old’s party I must say.

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