The Luck o the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is the celebration of Saint Patrick, an English (or perhaps Scottish) immigrant who cleansed the land of pesky pagans. The story, as it goes these days, was that he used a clover as a symbol for the Trinity, which apparently did well to win people over. The shamrock was was always a valued symbol to the Irish for its significance to the reentry of Spring. The Luck of the Irish, as it were, is probably more modernly associated with the fact that Ireland now celebrates this day (or week, more accurately) as a party. It was only as recently as the 70’s in which law required pubs to close on March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day is, after all, supposed to be a religious holiday. Since 1995, the Irish government has instead decided to showcase Irish culture to the world in their festivities. So from reverence the world delivers drunken madness and river-dying chaos in nearly every city ’round. It’s a far cry from the roots, but a good time if you let yourself experience it. I can personally recommend Savannah, GA for it’s city-wide mosh pit and green hotdogs. This year I believe the family and I will be hitting Atlantic Station in Atlanta for some rowdiness and good music. Our friends, Emerald Rose, will be there in full regalia.

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