David Copperfield at the Fabulous Fox Theater!

Amy and I went with a Jeff and Amanda to see David Copperfield at the Fox Theater in Atlanta on Sunday. Jeff has seen him countless times and Amy and I have seen him once before. Amanda had never seen him. We were all blown completely away! His tricks are always over the top. Jeff is a good magician himself, but fails to see the sleight of hand even when he knows what he’s looking for. The guy is really fast. He’s also older and his show has changed a bit. Back in the day, Copperfield would use heavy dramatics in his magic and create visually stunning effects and sets for his shows. He’s no longer doing this, I think in part because of the Chris Angel types out there today. The dramatics are covered and getting a bit long in the tooth. Now to Copperfield’s new agenda of story telling and quick jokes. He’s a very charismatic person, though you can generally discern when he’s speaking from script and when he’s ad-libbing. I much enjoyed the new Copperfield style of setups and joking. We also noticed he didn’t do as much of the physcially strenuous tricks as in his earlier years. I have to imagine you’re really huffing and puffing on some of those illusions. He’s the highest paid entertainer ever, so I don’t really have to tell anyone to go see him. However, if you’re debating whether or not it’s worth the money, it is. Go see him!

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