Instincts are Stupid

This time of year, something gets into my nose and starts a terrible chain reaction resulting in clear muccous draining from my nose without warning. All this, because of my body’s over-reaction to a foreign substance on a tissue membrane. It’s a histamine reaction and it’s stupid. Just as there are antihistamines to prevent this reaction from taking place, there should also be something to block instinctual reactions too.

Today, I had a colossal wreck in the racquetball court. I was back pedaling fast to catch a ball. I made the hit, but I was too far out to catch myself and braced for impact against the back wall. *This* was as planned. The wall, however, did not plan for this and was suprised to see me. It back-pedaled about three feet and left me wondering in the air. It was at this point that instinct kicked in and dumbly told me to writhe violently to ensure I hit something critical when I do land. I landed flatly against my neck. The violent thrashing left me with an abraised hand from the racquet. Altogether, I feel a lot worse had I just limply fallen against the wall as would have been my wish.

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