DragonCon 2005 (!!!)

Tomorrow (technically, later today) marks our first day attending DragonCon this year. We’re real excited about it. We were very close to getting a hotel room this time, but fell short of the timing. Amy put some really funny Chewbacca pictures into the art show this year. We’re hoping for a real success with those. It would be our first major win if she does well with it. She also made some very nice brochures to promote her photography business to the Sci-Fi addicts. I’ll keep updates coming as I can; pictures and stories.


  1. Wish I could be there. Couldn’t make it this year. While you are there you should get a signed book by Peter S. Beagle. I don’t think he tours much for the book signing gigs. His first book “A Fine and Private Place” is an amazing read for a first novel.
    Of course I usually spend my time with the EFF programming tracks but I am predictable that way. Good luck with the Wookie Photography!

  2. The Chewbacca pictures were fantastic and the talk of more than one member of my 9-person group who drove up from Florida for Dragoncon. Tell Amy that she did a fantastic job (and hopefully she will make them available to others!).

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Jason. It’s funny that you should mention that last part. I’m working on putting up 8×10 prints for sale via my wife’s website (celestialphotography.com). It shouldn’t be long now; the next day or two at most. My ETA is directly in proportion to the size of the fire she lights beneath my arse, which is now singing my eyebrows.

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