Human Feces Powers Rwandan Prison

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Imagine eating food that was cooked using natural gas generated from your own human waste. Thousands of prisoners in Rwanda don’t have to imagine it — they live it. Prisoners’ feces are converted into combustible "biogas," or methane gas that can be used for cooking. It has reduced by 60 percent the annual wood-fuel costs which would otherwise reach near $1 million…

This is probably a mixed bag of feelings. The Rwandan prisoners can’t really get excited about much, save their release or death. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is proud of the little hell-hole for recycling shit. Somewhere along the line, a part of this prisoner poo process must be agony on the nasal passage. It gets more difficult from here to further reduce costs in Rwanda. The next step will be to begin recycling death sentenced victims into tomorrow’s chow line. Now that gets marks in efficiency!

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