Star Wars at Lakeshore

Whoa! That was so friggin’ awesome. There was a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Chewbacca all parading around at Lakeshore Mall for the children (and the adults – don’t think we didn’t notice your excited faces). I’m still not exactly sure what the whole deal was, but I know that it had a Star Wars theme and all the children came out to see us in costume. We signed autographs (unexpected), had our pictures taken, and I even got into a few duels with light sabers. Wookies don’t tend to use such devices, but being so close to Luke – I couldn’t resist but to show off a bit. I struck down my would-be assassins with Jedi-like prowess. There were so many people there. I’ve never seen that mall so packed. I must’ve signed my (Chewbacca’s) name a couple hundred times. I was a bigger hit than I could have imagined. Once I got into the voice, people really started paying attention. Darth Vader had the breathing sound coming from his suit. He also had a nice mic and speaker set to talk to people. That really added to the effect. The Storm Trooper (Jeff – the organizer of this whole thing) had all the nifty gadgets Storm Troopers come with. Boba Fett just looked cool. That’s probably one of the more complex suits to build with all of its assorted paraphernalia. We did our thing for two hours or so before we were all ready to collapse from heat exhaustion. I’ve never sweat so much before in my life! We were all soaked throughout. Apparently, the Storm Trooper’s costume is the coolest, but Jeff was pretty well laden with sweat like the rest of us. Visibility is tough in those suits too. It wasn’t a big deal, as we didn’t move around a whole lot. It’s especially hard with little children. They come right up to you, but there is just no way to see things that small, that close. I’m guilty of bonking a few kids in the head, but hey! I’m a Wookie; what did you expect? Jeff said he might want me as Batman at some point in the future. I dig it. I’ll have to study up on my Batman moves before that day.

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