It's like family, only weirder…

Tangerine Beef

Tonight we’re eating Chinese take-out. I had tangerine beef, Amy had honey-glazed chicken with pecans. My fortune read: You are heading for a land of sunshine and relaxation. Saturday, I’m off for Pensacola Beach, FL to see my grandmother. Some ome of my cousins from Alaska will be there as…Continue Reading

An Early Morning in Canton

We woke up at 4:00am this [Saturday] morning to get to a hot air balloon launch in Canton, GA. Amy thought it would be a great photography opportunity, and none of us had ever seen anything like this in person. I was skepticle that any balloon launch would be at…Continue Reading

Wedding Photography Revolutionized

It’s so funny. My wife and I were just talking about this new business plan the other day, and then I happened across the case online. Things have been difficult, to say the least, in the wedding business. When clients pile up, it’s real easy to get overwhelmed. In light…Continue Reading


BoingBoing tells me about a very clever play on “Monopoly” for the blogoshpere. Everyone has their own version, so it was only a matter of time. Now if only someone would print up the board to play on. You’d have to work out some sort of way to use RSS…Continue Reading


Said to me over Messenger… “No doughnuts; bad engineer!”

Yin and Yang

Raven met this white dog while at my mom’s farm prior to her death a little while back. We didn’t know anything of this little white puff-ball at the time, though we have since come to know her well. It turns out that her leg was broken shortly after this…Continue Reading

How Lightsabers Work

Today, I was pointed to a good article on How Stuff Works [.com]. You’ll be amazed at the technical depth to which this article reaches. It just goes to show you the ernest efforts put forth by fans of Sci-Fi. Do not underestimate the loafer. “There are two ends to…Continue Reading

Creation Museum

I have mixed feelings about this one. The Answers in Genesis group is working to put together the funds for the “Creation Museum” in Cincinnati. On the one hand, it seems really cool that a creationists natural history museum includes such things as dinosaurs in their perspective. I may not…Continue Reading

My Wife, the Spaz

This evening, having spent the evening hosting “The Vagina Monologues,” my wife and I enjoyed Taco Bell for dinner. For some reason, Amy insists on ordering to-go foods that can’t possibly be eaten to-go without ramifications. Tonight, she got a big pile of nachos with all the fixin’s for the…Continue Reading

I ‘Heart’ Vaginas

The Vagina Monologues went off without a hitch this evening at 8:00pm, hosted by Celestial Studios. We had some pre-show belly-dancing entertainment from Troupe Galatia as well, and I think everyone enjoyed that to the fullest. There were probably 40 or so people in the room, which makes things comfortable.…Continue Reading