I ‘Heart’ Vaginas

The Vagina Monologues went off without a hitch this evening at 8:00pm, hosted by Celestial Studios. We had some pre-show belly-dancing entertainment from Troupe Galatia as well, and I think everyone enjoyed that to the fullest. There were probably 40 or so people in the room, which makes things comfortable. Jessie, from Dahlonega, performed the monologues for us and she did an awesome job. The performance was very professional, and the characters were well-conveyed. I was among three other men in the room, and we all enjoyed the show as much as the women. She started the show out with, “I’ll bet your nervous.” That was a really great way to start the show. She then proceeded to use the word vagina about 1,000 times within the next minute. I think that broke the ice for everyone in the room. We did not have picketers or any sort of violence, which was a little disheartening. I had expected some added excitement to the venue. Nothing says “come check out what’s going on over here” like a picket-line. The threats were empty afterall. To all of those that brought your support, we thank you; “My Sister’s Place” (the charity receiving profits from the evening) thanks you!

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