New Recruits

Carlos Rivera and I have both been trying to recruit additional members into the blogosphere. At present, we’re working on pressuring a fellow car-pooler, David C., and a co-worker, Marc W. Each of them have some assemblage of a web site already, but you and I know that excuse is lame. Besides, I don’t think either of them have made content changes to their websites since they published them with FrontPage in the first place. On the other hand, we have Brian Baggett. He has apparently been contributing to the blogosphere since Feb. 1999. That’s impressive! I, too, was blogging in a sense. I didn’t have all this fancy software kids have today; back then, I manually added entries into a MySQL database and used some fancy PHP logic to control everything. Later came the CMS suites. That’s where the fun really began! But I digress (and reminisce). If you’re on the edge about whether or not you should blog and open your life to strangers and friends alike, jump on the band wagon. Don’t think of it as a way to tell your intimate secrets to strangers, think of it as a way for you to accomplish your plans of global brain-washing.


  1. I appologize for my spelling…I’ve often been told to slow down my talking because people can’t understand it I guess the same applies to typing.

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