St. Patrick’s Day at Meehan’s

Amy, I, and Balthazar all went to Meehan’s this evening to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It was an excellent venue for the event, though it was pretty much standing room only. If it seems a bit odd to bring a two-year-old to an ale house, it is. However, Meehan’s catered to all until 8:00pm on this festive occasion. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend taking your child to bars. On the other hand, Balthazar enjoyed the crowd more than he should have…so I’m rethinking the thoughtfulness of bringing him anyway. At that time, people were not highly intoxicated. As I walked around looking for a seat, I felt as though all eyes were on Balthazar. He got a lot of attention. One particularly burley guy gave him a Guinness jester hat. He was quite thrilled with the jingles on his head. Balthazar was wearing a onesie Amy made him that said, “Leprechaun” and had a shamrock on it. To add to that, a face painter painted a small clover on Balthazar’s cheek, which he didn’t seem to mind. Lot’s of people poked and tickled him as he passed in my arms too. We only stayed long enough to realize that we were never going to sit down and eat. We left and went to a really bad Mexican restaurant, La Cazuela. After eating (and some play-time), we drifted back over to Meehan’s for a memorial picture. Unfortunately, out timing was bad and Balthazar was more or less over it. It was 8:00pm and time for bed for a sleepy baby. Although contrary to my logical parenting side, we did all enjoy ourselves. We’ll probably do that again, but we’ll be sure to take the pictures on our first round.

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